Pam Quinn

Welcome to the LeCroy Center:

Access to lifelong learning is being realized everyday through the use of technology and distance education programs. The R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications helps to connect technology and education in many forms. Meeting learners' needs wherever they live and work is our priority, and this need is what drives the two main business units of the LeCroy Center and the related services:

Dallas TeleCollege
Dallas TeleLearning

Through the use of the Internet, cable television and portable technologies, the Dallas TeleCollege connects students around the world to college credit courses. Flexibility and convenience are the primary reasons students choose distance learning classes to further their education. We make distance learning a reality for our students in Dallas County, the state of Texas – even on U.S. Navy submarines and military installations.

Dallas TeleLearning a leading producer of distance learning courseware, licenses core curriculum courses to colleges and universities seeking to build or grow their technology-based learning environment.

The courses incorporate an integrated learning system that utilizes multimedia to deliver academically sound, broadcast-quality courses for an institution's educational program. We also serve our community through: (1) a technology-rich conference center that is available to outside organizations; (2) a cable channel filled with educational content and programming about our colleges; and, (3) production facilities that may be leased by external organizations.

As the educational technology focal point for the Dallas County Community College District, the LeCroy Center offers numerous ways to reach and serve students. Our vision is to continue to create and distribute high quality, technology-based distance learning products and services to students and institutions worldwide. We invite you to learn more about our programs and services and welcome your comments and inquiries. We want to assist you in achieving your educational goals through the convenience of technology as you face the opportunities and challenges of a competitive, ever-changing, global environment.

Pamela K. Quinn,
R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications
Dallas County Community College District